As a Chiropractor, I appreciate when I meet doctors and their staff that are excellent in their field, like Dr. Tepper and his staff.

Dr. Tepper examined, taped and consulted about my feet and related health beyond what I expected.

The staff compliment doctor Tepper with their personal and professional relationship with the patients.

I will gladly refer and trust my patients to Dr. Tepper.


Amazing Dr’s and Office assistants. Love them!


I was having foot problems and was referred here by my doctor. I’ve had a good experience. Dr. Tepper makes me feel comfortable and I can tell he knows what he’s talking about. It turned out I had a plantars wart. He lasered it off and I came in every 2 weeks for him to check up on it until it was completely healed. Or should I say heeled? Ha. Get it?

Anyway my husband started having foot problems and he came to Dr. Tepper as well. He was given shoe inserts and now his foot is doing a lot better.


My foot pain started about 4 years ago. It kept getting worse, standing up or walking became a torture. I have been neglecting it all this time. Finally about 6 weeks ago I saw Dr Tepper. He diagnosed the problem, asked me to go back in few days. He customized medical insoles for me which they are called orthotics. Thinking of the level of pain I was in, I was a bit skeptical. But oh my god the moment I put them in my shoes, they are a life a changer. Dr Tepper knows everything about feet, I honestly think the only one who knows more about it will be god. lol. Now I enjoy walking as I use to before the pain started.

Thank you Dr Tepper.


Dr. Tepper has helped me personally from a severely strained tendon at the bottom of my foot. I suffered for 4 months, then Dr. Tepper and his staff took care of me. He did all the correct exams and shoe inserts and spent the time to answer all my questions. As a result, my feet continue to improve so I can get ready for another triathlon. I high recommend Dr. Tepper and his staff to anyone dealing with foot or ankle pain.


I brought my son for a broken ankle, now a year later I came for an ingrown. I like the office availability on the weekend and extended hours, Dr. Tepper is a sweet man. The office is so friendly and made me feel comfortable.


There was hardly any wait and the waiting area is cozy and comfortable. There is a tv in the waiting area as well that will keep you entertained since it is tuned to daytime talk shows. Lots of reading material in all the rooms to keep you from being bored.

Dr. Tepper is likable and very personable and easy to talk to. The staff is attentive and kind. Has some of the friendliest nurses around! A good experience overall.


Great place, I came here when I was young and now bringing my son who loves the staff and Dr. Tepper.


Dr. Tepper and his staff are so nice and caring. They take the time to go over everything thoroughly.


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