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Welcome to our patient library! An informed patient is able to make the best possible decisions for his or her healthcare, so we’ve compiled an extensive collection of webpages you can use as reference. Please feel free to come back and visit whenever you need to learn something new about foot care. Of course, you can also contact our Upland, CA office by calling (909) 920-0884.

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Foot Structure and Function

Many foot and ankle problems develop on account of irregularities in either structure or biomechanical processes. If “biomechanical” sounds intimidating, you can simply think of it as the way a living being (bio) like you moves (mechanics).

There is certainly a range of severity when it comes to structural and biomechanical issues. In some cases, it is easy to see a toe deformity—like a bunion or hammertoe—or abnormal motion. In others, a biomechanical issue you might not even notice—such as overpronation—can be the source of problems. Either way, Dr. Tepper will work to determine the core issue and then create a unique treatment plan for you to resolve it.

Diabetes and Wound Care

Diabetes is a very serious medical condition, one that has wide-ranging effects on the whole body – including down in the feet. The good news is that a solid diabetic foot care plan can help to prevent issues from arising, while enabling you to find treatment at early stages to keep minor problems from escalating into major ones. Dr. Tepper will assist you in putting together a plan you can follow, including creating a daily foot inspection and understanding when it is time to seek professional treatment.

Skin and Nail Conditions

There are many issues that might happen to your toenails and the skin on your feet. You can potentially suffer from ingrown nails, ulcers, cysts, blisters, warts, fungal toenails, corns and calluses, and other such problems. These may seem cosmetic in nature or are dismissed as “not a big deal,” but some can cause pain, discomfort, and have the risk of leading to a more serious medical problem (especially if diabetes is in the picture). It is always best to treat them at an early stage, so call our Upland podiatrist offices for the treatment you need as soon as you become aware of any of these conditions.

Sports Injuries

One of the great paradoxes from being a human is this – you need to be physically active for optimal health, yet being physically active places you at risk for potential injury! Given their use in almost any sport, exercise, or other physical activity, feet and ankles have an especially high injury risk. Fortunately, we are able to treat most of these conditions without needing to perform surgical intervention. Even better, there are measures you can take to lower your risk of common foot and ankle sports injuries.

Surgery and Other Therapies

Our hope is always to treat your condition with the use of conservative, nonsurgical care, but there are cases where a surgical procedure constitutes the best opportunity to take away your pain and restore your mobility. Before we reach that point, we may consider alternative therapies like Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), physical therapy, or neurolysis. When foot or ankle surgery is necessary, take comfort in the fact that Dr. Tepper has the experience, knowledge, and skill you should expect from a surgeon.


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