Dr. Jan David Tepper

Dr. Tepper BiographyDr. Jan David Tepper has 38 years’ experience treating heel pain, bunions, ingrown toenails, diabetic foot care, and many other painful foot conditions for thousands of patients. He started practicing with Dr. David S. Jacobson in East Los Angeles in 1977; later he opened his first office in Ontario in 1981. His approach is to start with the most conservative care before considering aggressive care if necessary, indicated, or desired.

Dr. Tepper is an energetic foot and ankle specialist that goes out of his way to make sure his patient’s receives advanced, cutting edge foot and ankle care that is effective in controlling the patient symptoms. Dr. Jan David Tepper is a highly skilled and qualified foot and ankle specialist that emphasizes the importance of preventive foot care and to educate how foot and ankle pathology affects the whole body.

Dr. Tepper decided to become a podiatrist after suffering from his own foot problems. He was experiencing pain in the arches of his feet when he started running long distance at Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst, New York where he was captain of the cross country team. Dr. Tepper continued running for the C.W. Post College track team in Brookville, New York where his foot problem became worse and he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. This influenced his decision to attend California School of Podiatric Medicine that was known throughout the country for their expertise in Podiatric biomechanics and foot and ankle surgery. Dr. Tepper interest in biomechanics became a deep seeded thirst for knowledge in structure and function; the thread that tied all foot and ankle care together.

He started wearing rigid functional orthotics and was able to remain active in competitive sports such as tennis where he was on a team at Claremont Tennis Club that won the Western Regional Championship and in basketball that he continued to play full court competition until the age of forty-five years old.

With medicine and technology evolving; Dr. Tepper continues in depth training and education. He does over 100 hours in continued medical training on wound care, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine orthopedics and trauma yearly.

Dr. Tepper has been a member of the California Podiatric Medical Association for the past 38 years and the past fifteen of which he has been an officer in the Inland Society Including President of the local Society and five years on the board of the state association including a year as Treasurer of that organization.

Dr. Tepper has been staff at San Antonio Regional Medical Center and Ambulatory Center for the past 25 years.